Stanford Sonoma Gives 151 Coffee the Edge to Exponential Growth in 2021

Earlier this month, restaurant equipment supplier and furniture manufacturer Stanford Sonoma outfitted the front-of-house and back-of-house for their newest restaurant-industry partner, 151 Coffee.

Stanford Sonoma has worked hand-in-hand with the leadership at 151 Coffee to provide custom stainless steel, furniture and refrigeration for the Texas-based coffee company. Stanford’s in-house team of engineers and architects crafted one-of-a-kind workstations that aim to improve efficiency for 151 baristas while keeping the pieces compact to exact specifications.

“We’re proud to be working with 151 Coffee to transform their restaurants into spaces that are both functional and aesthetically on-brand,” said Trinity Hall, Senior Vice President of Business Development for Stanford Sonoma LLC. “By working with their construction team directly, we were able to identify key areas of improvement to incorporate into their new customized pieces.”

Stanford Sonoma offers a full suite of restaurant equipment and design services to provide all industries a low-cost furniture and fixture solution. Learn more about Stanford Sonoma's custom solutions by visiting or call (469) 930-0340.

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About Stanford Sonoma, LLC.

Stanford Sonoma is based in Dallas, Texas and is a private, family-owned custom manufacturer for stainless steel and millwork fabrications. Since 2017, Stanford Sonoma has expanded their custom solution offerings to service a variety of sectors including restaurants, healthcare, education and retail. They currently service 375 clients and have produced over 1,600 hand-crafted solutions for businesses across the U.S. In addition, Stanford Sonoma custom manufactures 100% all-natural premium hardwood barbecue pellets free of oils, binders, chemicals and preservatives. In 2018, the office of the Secretary of Defense formally recognized Stanford Sonoma as a certified Patriotic Employer for supporting their employee’s participation in America’s National Guard and Reserve Force. For more information, visit or call 469-930-0340.